The Alki Tavern’s final days live on — in video!

In two-and-a-half minutes, you can re-live the closing days of the Alki Tavern, an institution on Harbor Avenue Southwest that closed in spring 2013. In this first installment, contributed by Mark Jaroslaw of Avenue Productions, a performance of “Rockin’ Robin” frames the bare-bones story.

3 Responses to “The Alki Tavern’s final days live on — in video!”

  1. Dora-Faye says:

    Great piece, Mark! Nice combination of up-beat music, shots of the place, the people, and pertinent notes about the end and the future of that property. The video makes me wish I’d been there during the good years and at the end. I know a mid-80s woman who said she danced on the tables there years ago; sounds like the Alki Tavern was a ‘rockin’ place!

    Thanks for the trip and for the info!

  2. Tomi says:

    I remember the Alki Tavern from back when my ship the USS McKee was built in the Lockheed shipyard back in 1981 and 1982 . I was only 20 and couldn’t get in and would watch the guys who were older than me from my ship go in. I had always wished I could, but I used to go up California ave , with my other underage friends and party in the woods with a view of the Seattle skyline. I loved that West Seattle I knew then. Next door to the Alki Tavern there was a market run by a very pretty lady I became friendly with, she was in her thirties had a very warm personality, and seemed to be concerned about my well being. Next door to that was an outdoor hamburger place called( the Shack) where we would all meet up for a night of partying and fun in that West Seattle that I loved and cherish the memories of to this day.

  3. Tomi says:

    Love, anything with the Alki Tavern the Embers, and that little strip with the Shack Hamburger stand and the store that was there too. If people have pictures, please post them. Harbor ave was awesome back in the day.

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