West Marginal Way S - neighborhood map 46 20

The river was like a giant sewer. It was like what you see in a Third World country. You threw it in and didn’t think about it. Bernie Fleming

South Park - Cloverdale st

1236 Cloverdale St, Doty family home, 1906 (SWSHS 2005.39.7)

You know where Longacres used to be? Okay there’s a hill up there…We started walking up, and I started to shake and I could hear noises. At first I’m thinking “Oh it’s an airplane from Boeing” or something. It wasn’t and I started to shake and the noises got louder and louder. I got up to where there is a circle of tree stumps… And I stood in the middle of that. I know people will think I’m crazy. My husband didn’t. I could hear people calling, “save me, save me”, and they kept saying it and saying it. I got out of the circle and I walked around and around and around…Lynn told me “That’s part of the old original land that has been there since before the glaciers, that was still up there”. I went home and I couldn’t sleep. I went back. I didn’t have that happen again…the city of Seattle was putting something up there. It had something to do with water…I kept saying “What are they going to do?” And she says “I believe they were just gonna cut the top of the hill off.” And I kept saying, “No, they can’t do that, I know they can’t do that”…And she got them to stop, the minute they had promised to stop, there was no more noise…It was like I did what I was supposed to do. Ann Rasmussen