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Funding provided by

4 Culture Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
Interview for Telling our Stories

Jose Campos and Roberto Cueller interviewing Sandy Beaucage, 2011
(Courtesy Tania Westby Photography)

The Southwest Seattle Historical Society/Log House Museum has developed the first exhibit of a three-year project called Telling Our Westside Stories: Land, Work, and Home.

Based on more than 40 oral history interviews and photographs from the society’s collection, the exhibit brings to life the stories of ordinary people on the Duwamish Peninsula in the decades after the Alki landing in 1851. The first phase focuses on how residents have interacted with the land and water—the Duwamish Peninsula, Puget Sound, Elliott Bay, and the Duwamish River.

An interactive map of southwest Seattle, with audio clips from interviews, will travel in 2012-2013 to local libraries, schools, and community centers.

An printed map and education packet with map and CD are available in the gift shop.

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