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4Culture is King County’s cultural services agency. 4Culture is located in Seattle, Washington, and was established in January of 2003 to continue the work of the King County Arts Commission, Public Art Commission and the heritage programs of the Landmarks Commission. In mid-2003, 4Culture launched a Preservation Program to promote the value of historic resources in building a unique sense of place in our region.

4Culture is a tax-exempt public corporation, with a fifteen member Board of Directors, who are nominated by the King County Executive and confirmed by the Metropolitan King County Council.

4Culture is a new model for public support of cultural programs. It combines the resources of the public sector with the flexibility of a non-profit. Through the integration of four program areas, 4Culture stimulates cultural activity and enhances the assets that distinguish our communities as vibrant, unique, and authentic.

seattle foundation

The Seattle Foundation encourages personal philanthropy to improve the quality of life in King County, Washington. As a community foundation, we tailor giving to the needs and interests of individual donors by offering tools, insight and inspiration to help make giving effective and satisfying. More than 1,200 individuals, families and businesses give through The Seattle Foundation, using your funds that work much like private foundations and offer distinct benefits.

The Seattle Foundation distributes millions of dollars in grants each year as it responds to changing community and priorities of our donors. Through our Community Grantmaking Program, we give grants to nonprofits in King County addressing a wide spectrum of needs. We work with professional advisors to offer their clients flexible giving vehicles and options for supporting favorite organizations and causes.

Learn more about our mission, history and growth.

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