Farm to Factory: South Park’s History

Sunday, September 17, 2017
2:00 PM

SouthWest Stories

 Livery Stables South Park, WA Sunday, September 14
2PM- 3:30PM
South Park Branch Library
8604 8th Ave S, Seattle

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Situated on the Duwamish River, South Park has a rich tradition of farming and industry. It was along these banks that the Duwamish tribe set up fishing camps and grew crops, a practice that continued with generations of farmers who were drawn to the fertile land. With the first land claim in 1851, South Park became home to some of Seattleā€™s original settlers. Today, its diverse history makes it one of the few Seattle neighborhoods to have both industrial and residential land zones coexisting in the same area.

Bio:Anna Marti is a 5th generation Seattlelite who has lived in the South Park Neighborhood for 20 years. She collaborated on a book about the South Park Neighborhood in 2006. She continues to find opportunities to celebrate South Park history and the Duwamish River while working to balance the needs of a growing city and the need to restore the Duwamish River.

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