Farm to Factory: Southpark’s History

September 14th, 2017

SouthWest Stories

 Livery Stables South Park, WA Sunday, September 14
2PM- 3:30PM
South Park Branch Library
8604 8th Ave S, Seattle

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Farm to Factory: Southpark’s History

Situated on the Duwamish River, South Park has a rich tradition of farming and industry. It was along these banks that the Duwamish tribe set up fishing camps and grew crops, a practice that continued with generations of farmers who were drawn to the fertile land. With the first land claim in 1851, South Park became home to some of Seattle’s original settlers. Today, its diverse history makes it one of the few Seattle neighborhoods to have both industrial and residential land zones coexisting in the same area.

Bio:Anna Marti is a 5th generation Seattlelite who has lived in the South Park Neighborhood for 20 years. She collaborated on a book about the South Park Neighborhood in 2006. She continues to find opportunities to celebrate South Park history and the Duwamish River while working to balance the needs of a growing city and the need to restore the Duwamish River.