Southwest Seattle Historical Society - Log House Museum

Feline felicitations
Unofficial greeter Scooby the cat welcomes YMCA preschoolers on our steps.
One-on-one welcome
Volunteer Dave Hrachovina chats with visitors to our booth at Alki Arts Fair.
Replicating history
Volunteer John Kelly is interviewed by KUOW-FM about Statue of Liberty replica.
Hungry for history
Alki Elementary School students line up for 100th anniversary cake.
Poster perusal
Visitors to the Nickels home tour in August learn about the Admiral district.
Warm greetings
Volunteer greeter Pete Heintz shows an exhibit to the Rehkopf family.
'If These Walls Could Talk'
Volunteers Bethany Green (left) and Carolyn Smith chaired Nickels home tour.
See no evil
Joking with museum ornaments at “Cookies & Cider on the Porch” are (from left) volunteers Amanda Gilbert and Debbie Neifert and visitor Karen Choyce of Newcastle.
Family fit
Mother and son, Vicki and Alan Schmitz take in opening day at namesake school.
Centennial color
At our museum, children color their versions of the 100-year-old Alki Lighthouse.
Monumental touch
Schmitz Park students touch a piece of Plymouth Rock on the Alki landing monument.
Dave Beck looks West
Radio's Dave Beck speaks to Champagne Gala Lunch crowd of 180 at Salty's on Alki.
'Hidden Gem'
ClearChannel billboard east of the Junction promotes our Log House Museum.
Opening day
Schmitz Park students walk into the school, past a new plaque showcasing its heritage.
Identical grins
Twin sisters Joan Bailey Mraz (left), former president and co-founder; and Diane Bailey Tice, Advisory Council member, enjoy Champagne Gala Lunch.
The sounds of history
Sonia Rehkopf listens to stories by community elders at our museum.
Senior visit
Merrill Gardens residents pay a visit to the Log House Museum.
'Final Flight'
Author Peter Stekel speaks at "Words, Writers & West Seattle" series in November.
Gala grins
Board members Inez Lindsey (left) and Tia Hallberg enjoy Champagne Gala Lunch.
Kat Eggleston performs at April fundraising house concert.
Log landmark
Clay Eals, executive director, shows YMCA preschoolers the 1904 Alki Homestead.
The Alki kids
Sisters Denise (left) and Marcy Johnsen flank childhood friend Catherine Gruye at the Champage Gala Lunch at Salty's on Alki.
Founding support
Erma Couden, 98, widow of founder Elliott Couden, applauds at Gala.
Full house
Peter Stekel's "Words, Writers & West Seattle" talk draws 25 to Barnes & Noble.
'Scenic' gift
Volunteer Amanda Gilbert displays our new 1928-based "Scenic West Seattle" tote bag.
Sweet on the museum
Touring our museum is the Sea-Tac Sweeties red-hat organization.
Gala grin
Volunteer Nancy McPhee enjoys our Champagne Gala Lunch at Salty's on Alki.
'The Earth Cried Out'
Dean Keppler, 9/11 luminaria bag instigator, attends and speaks at September event.
Historic chow
Wayne Moore and his grandson enjoy the annual July 4 picnic at the museum.
Gala fun
Aurora Bennett and father John Bennett flank longtime board member Carol Vincent.
Rooftop view
Gala Preview Party guests enjoy the vantage point of The Pacific Institute.
Holiday green
Board members Bonnie Gromlich (left) and Kerry Korsgaard flank volunteer Debbie Neifert after giving our museum festive decor.
Hizzoner's home
Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and wife Sharon welcome visitors to their 100-year-old Craftsman home in August.
Inspiring icon
Visitors enjoy the Colman estate tour in Fauntleroy in April.
Book chat
Stephanie Guerra signs autographs at "Words, Writers & West Seattle" in October.
At home in Fauntleroy
Volunteer Nancy McPhee displays 1929 photo of her as 4-year-old flower girl at historic Colman estate in April.
The mighty middle
The Seattle Times features our Madison Middle School interviewers.
Upstairs elegance
Volunteer Dora-Faye Hendricks guides visitors through Colman estate in April.
Centennial salute
100th-birthday gathering draws 216 Alki Elementary students and alums.
Museum on the move
The Youngstown Cultural Arts Center hosts us at September open house.
Birthday medal
Will Winter (right) of Coast Guard Auxiliary awaits receipt of medallion honoring the Alki Lighthouse centennial.
Cookie crash
Board member Carol Vincent relaxes after marathon Alki Lighthouse cookie bake.
Sister act
(From left) Aly, Nancy and Tia Hallberg regale 180 guests at Champagne Gala Lunch.
Birthday talk
Lyn McClelland of the Coast Guard Auxiliary speaks at centennial of Alki Lighthouse.
Gala winner
Former board member Sigrid Wilson wins Gala tickets at July 4 picnic.
Sign of hope
Paragon REA posts "for sale" sign at the landmark Fir Lodge/Alki Homestead.
Goin' South
Clay Eals, executive director, recruits volunteers at SSCC job fair.
Prized pair
Siblings Clara and Loren Peterson help Gala emcee Clay Eals award a raffle prize.
Hands of preservation
Volunteer Kathi Ishimaru stores news clips on pioneer D.C. Conover.
Pioneers gather
Clay Eals, executive director, speaks to CenturyLink Pioneers about heritage.
Alki moonlight
Merrilee Hagen displays her Alki Lighthouse painting, part of our Gala silent auction.
Myriad messages
The 9/11 luminaria bags displayed in September at Alki Arts express many themes.
Planting seeds
Volunteer Nancy Sundberg guides students through our native garden.
Digging deep
King County Archivist Greg Lange reveals 19th century owners of Nickels' property.
Lighthouse talk
In our courtyard, Will Winter details the 100-year-old history of Alki Lighthouse.
Auto video
Retired car dealer Steve Huling is interviewed for "Telling Our Westside Stories."
Pieces of history
Volunteer Amanda Gilbert works to solve a hand-carved puzzle from the 1930s.
'Words, Writers & West Seattle'
Stephanie Guerra kicks off book series at Barnes & Noble Westwood Village.
Bins of bags
Some of the 1,692 luminaria bags from 9/11 go on display at Alki Arts in September.
'A shared experience ...'
'... we never wanted to share': King County Executive Dow Constantine at 9/11 event.
Winter watch
Enjoying “Cookies & Cider on the Porch” are Alki residents Cam and Will Winter.
Mobile museum
A South Seattle Community College student hears "Westside Stories."
Pleasing preview
Marcy Johnsen and Earl and Adah Cruzen visit during Gala Preview Party in August.
Youth on Alki
Schmitz Park Elementary students tour our museum and our neighborhood.
Landing learning
Sarah Baylinson, museum manager, tells the Alki settlers story on our museum porch.

2013: Our Year in Review

Check out the slide show above for highlights from our historical society’s colorful and creative year of 2013. You might even see yourself!

Watch the images as they rotate randomly, or hover over the arrows at the left and right side of each image to move them along more quickly.

Photos by Joan Stover, Ann Anderson, Brad Chrisman, Sarah Baylinson, Patrick Robinson, Jean Sherrard, Gail Ann Photography, Charles Baker Hopkins, Clay Eals and others.


Our museum awaits you!

Welcome to the “Birthplace of Seattle” Log House Museum of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society! Discover this gem one block from Alki Beach in a restored 1904 log building surrounded by a native plant garden.

Our storefront and home, the Log House Museum is a place to discover and celebrate the history of the Duwamish peninsula and the Birthplace of Seattle.

Open noon to 4 p.m. Thursday through Sunday and by appointment. Fully handicapped-accessible.

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